Large Company Boardroom

Project Name: Large Company Boardroom.

Project Location: Brisbane

Date Completed: April 2018

Project Description:
This 20 person boardroom has been designed to provide state of the art video conferencing. Two large high definition screens display content and far side participants clearly, and a pan/tilt/zoom camera ensures the far side can clearly see all speakers in the room. The drop down projection screen can provide theatre style viewing. Audio is amazingly clear with Shure ceiling mounted beam forming microphones cutting out all distracting room noise and transmitting only the speakers voice. The installed and configured DSP (digital signal processor) cancels out acoustic echo during the conference call and reduces any room reverberation creating clear audio for both in room and far side participants. Audio is distributed throughout the room via recessed ceiling speakers. The whole boardroom operation is controlled via a Crestron touch screen interface and an iPad with control points customised to the users requirements. All in all, communication is conducted with ease whether via video conferencing or face to face.